Where’s your tattoo?


Hello my friends and by friends I assume there are real people reading this.

Friday morning Austin awoke to a blanket of snow and no school for the kids, I used this opportunity to sleep in past 9am on a weekday-whooooweee.  I put in a  day's work and then we all headed to Red's Porch for a bit of happy hour and shuffleboard with the kids.  After a few margaritas and a shrimp poboy I was all set.

After a little rest and playing with our dog, I was off to Atomic Tattoo (N290 & 35) to get my shoulder tattoo of a hibiscus flower. Jason Beavers was my artist and he really communicated with me to get exactly what I was looking for. Now bring on the gun.

After almost 4 hours of getting scribbled on by a gun of needles I joyfully admired my new and super loved art.

It was a lot of time to be getting needles in my arm and it was a little upset with me BUT I love them so much that I actually got a second one that night on my inner right bicep.

Please excuse the beer ( I needed one and Zeigenbock is delicious) and the tough girl lip pierce look. We'll chat soon friends. Good Night!

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