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Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt Photography


My beloved Austin….what is going on with this weather?  We all know we so desperately need this rain but I have not seen this much rain for years.  I remember the super rain on Halloween of 2013 and I also remember the glory that once was our flowng greenbelts (even before they were a crowded small pool of questinable water and even more questionable people leaving beer cans behind and being obnoxious).  Yes I just ranted a bit but the greenbelt was once my sacred space within this bustling city I love.  My Sunday taken over by water logged toes, pink shoulders, wet/tired dogs; either my cheeks sore from laughing with my friends or my feet sore from hiking for miles….I so miss the flowing greenbelt.

Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt Photography

Amidst this tragic overflow of water into our city and our fellow residents homes please keep your heart open with prayers, if that’s your thing, or warm thoughts of recuperation for the many people who lost things in the flooding.  Homes, cars, pets, loved ones, memories….. my thoughts are with all of you!   There are many resources out there to help anyone who is in need.  
I would like to organize an event for the families that have lost their family photos in the flood waters once things have calmed a bit.  Please stay tuned and send me an email and tell me your story.

Stay tuned…& stay safe.



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