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Some of my clients know that we are expecting our first child together (my 3rd child) in June but I wanted to finally announce here on my blog.  We are beyond excited to meet our little girl this summer!  
This is one of the major reasons I did not offer bluebonnet mini sessions this year…I’m just too round to bend over, kneel, and crawl around with my favorite little clients!   
The photo below is from Easter Sunday with a big bluebonnet patch by the lake.  It smelled so good with the breeze coming through those! I knew they smelled but didn’t know how much until this year with my heightened pregnancy sniffer.   
Baby girl loves fruit and I have been eating it by the pounds.  As well as a good slice of pizza, eggs, peanut butter, and spinach.  She is a very active baby in here with kicks, jabs, and rolls all day long.  We are curious if she will have super blonde curls (we were both very blonde and hubby is very curly) 

We shall see….
I am still accepting a small amount of photo sessions for the spring and am thinking about a fall photo deal in October/November.  Until then I will keep you posted with some photos once she makes her arrival 🙂 I have started a blog from our baby’s point of view if you would like to check it out here: http://averyrusin.com28 weeksEaster Sunday March 27th 2016 | 28 weeks & 4 days12642599_10201460922200787_9208082663078280683_nCozumel, Mexico in January | 20 weeks
15wks 13weeks expecting

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