The hills of 2011


I know 2011 is only about 6 weeks in but a blessed and bruised 6 weeks it has been.  I have spent about 3 of those weeks sick and my son Shilohhas spent nearly all of them not feeling well. We are in a battle trying to figure out what is causing his stomach pain with no answers yet. ( Just briefly we have ruled out lactose intolerance, h pylori, celiac disease, and 3 other things through tests and diet changes) This has been a very big point of stress for myself, not to mention the pick up of my photography business. All this totaling a poor immune function for mama-mia. We are all changing our eating habits this year due to this awakening.  Not that we just eat fast food or our lives are laiden with processed food sources. I cook our meals most of the time and we rarely do the fast food drive thru dash but becoming more aware of the ingredients in the foods we assumed were a healthy choice. This is the challenge with MSG, corn syrup, and added sugar in almost everything. With this point being made I want my front yard raised gardens to do so well.

Keep your eyes open for more posts about our food changes and our garden progress.


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