Sprouts and doubts


Hello all. Sorry I know the title seems a bit debbie downer but I am stressed this week.  My son has not felt good in weeks, terrible stomach pains that are worse at night. Which means both of us have been losing sleep, stressed, and he has missed school.  They think he may have a peptic ulcer or the start of one, he is on meds and the first night isn't proving much better.  It is very stressful when you have a child that you can do nothing for but just be there for comfort 🙁 .  After a while the comforting thing becomes very stressful due to my inability to make the pain stop and make him better.  We will continue to do whatever we can and any suggestions would be great.  I thought we had something with apple cider vinegar, alas still in pain.  As well as this week I have my yearly doctor's visit, websites to be finished and started, and two photo shoots. One of my weekend days will involve me sleeping in, eating, and gardening….maybe not speaking to anyone….just me & quiet.

Speaking of gardening, my sprouts for my tomatoes are up and getting stronger.

The picture on the right is a peek at my peppers 🙂 With the cold front pretty much gone I will finish my raised beds this week/weekend, probably the later due to my desire to be a hermit when I have so much to do.  The beds are placed and roughly together and only need a few more screws and the dirt.  I will keep you posted and will leave you with a few new pictures.

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