Seeding a pod


This is a bit behind, as I have seedlings sprouting under the lights right now.

First things first…below is a shot of my ugly and winterish front yard where the majority of the beds and gardening will be done.

My plan with this plain front yard is going to be raised garden beds.  Living in Texas you soon discover after digging 2 inches you find rock or rocks.  Secondly we have a  large tree to the right of this picture that I did not want to disrupt the roots or for the roots to leach water & nutrients from my delicious veggies growing.  Lastly with raised beds I can add the soil, organic materials, and composts into a nice fresh bed with lush soft and easy to till dirt.

I have the materials for building three 6' x 3' raised beds, this is the beginning.  As I finish them and get my transplants and some seeds planted I will most likely get more materials to build another 2-3 beds.  I am thinking I will have a few peepers plants in the front and set up a bed in the backyard where there is not as much room but nice bright southern sun all day that my peppers are sure to love.  This way I can test the front and back for results.

Here are my seed starting mini greenhouses. The first round of seeds are Sweet Million cherry Tomato, Roma Tomatoes, Parsnips, and a hot pepper mix including Jalapeno, Cayenne, Anaheim, Ancho, Serrano, and Hungarian Wax peppers.  All of the seeds I have are NON-GMO seeds and all my soil, compost, fertilizers, etc are of a natural organic base.  As my garden progresses, grows, and dies I will be documenting my first year as an urban home based farmer, as well as speaking my mind on things such as the Senate Bill S.510.  I in no way believe in this bill and what it will do to our small local farmers. Did you know that about 80% of all farmers rely on saving their seeds for the next year of crops.  I WILL be saving my seeds-law or no law. I am creating my little 'yard farm' so I may know what my family is eating, not to mention it is very gratifying to see a small seed turn into life turn into nourishment and sustain life within my own body.

Before I finish with this post I wanted to share with you a tip I found on a central Texas gardening blog.  You know those rope Christmas lights?  Don't pack them away just yet.  You can use them as your bottom heating pad for your seeds.  Seeds like warm and humid conditions yet these will not burn.  So far so good, I have a tray full of tomato sprouts…next my peppers.

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Until next time when I will show my sprouts, the book I'm reading and follow my progress of building my beds.


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