Austin Wedding Photographer Kelly Wendt
Kelly is a very talented photographer with an incredible eye for depth, lighting, subtleties, color, and backdrops.  She shot my wedding in Florida this past March and I was just thrilled with her work.
The ceremony took place outdoor on a beach with an indoor reception to follow.   I felt that Kelly really understood our venue and was able to make fantastic suggestions about location, timing, and lighting that ultimately enhanced the resulting photos.  In fact, I have so many photos that I love, I have know idea how I will only pick a few to frame!
Kelly also has a brilliant editing eye.  She can take a regular photo and give it this awesome human emotion with her work in black/white, sepia and other editing techniques.
Most importantly, Kelly is super flexible and can kindly juggle all the requests of a nervous bride, a weekend photographer hobbyist groom, an independent Siberian husky, and excited family members.  She does all this with a smile!  I must say, working with her was a pleasure from start to finish!!
Angie Adkin-Miot

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I had the pleasure of Kelly photographing my wedding. She is a very sweet person and has a great eye for beautiful pics. I’m so glad we found her and could not be more happy with her work! Thanks Kelly, can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!
-Erin Pollard


Kelly was an absolute joy to work with. The camera was out immediately and she caught everything. I had been through the tired family portrait sit-down-and-don’t move routine more times than I care to recall. But this was actually enjoyable! My daughter even grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots, kelly had no  issue with it. Just rolled with it. The organized shots of all of us turned out spectacularly. Not a whole lot of fussing around and us standing like weirdos. She just told us where to be and when we got there “click”, next picture. And she captured some amazing from the hip and candids that we will look at for years. Awesome. The colors are perfect. The poses are perfect. The snapshots are perfect. I would recommend her to anyone.
Brandon Gossman


Austin Portrait Photographer Kelly Wendt
We were lucky enough to have Kelly take our photos while she was up in Michigan. She did an amazing job. It’s not the easiest task keeping the attention span of a two year old so we were thrilled to see so many great photos. Kelly captured our daughter beautifully. We are extremely happy with the photos and would definitely recommend her!
Rachel Koller


Austin Portrait Photographer Kelly WendtI found Kelly and asked her to take photos of my husband and I.  I thought it would be nice to have some shots taken since it had been a couple years since our wedding.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the photos that Kelly presented us with.  They are simply stunning.  She was fun and friendly as well as professional and we loved her immediately.  The smiles in our photos were far from posed, she not only had us smiling, but laughing.  I felt like we’d been friends forever.  If only all photographers were like this.
Billie Jo Kolhoff


Austin Product Photographer Kelly Wendt
I first found Kelly when I started my business in early 2012, and I am so thankful that I found her!  I design jewelry and as a new business owner, I was a little stressed about getting good photos of my product line, and launching the business.  Kelly has helped me so much with everything.  Not only is her photography of the best quality, but she has an eye for style that is truly special.  I simply give her my product line and completely trust her creative choices and ability to show the best version of my products.  She is professional, trustworthy and talented, and has really become a great friend and advocate for my small business. I would recommend her to anyone!


Austin Portrait Photographer Kelly WendtKelly does all of our band pictures and they look amazing! They’re so good we almost look like were famous. She comes up with tons of great ideas and directs us on what to wear, do, and all that stuff we’re to scatter-brained to figure out ourselves. Would recommend her to anyone needed professional quality photographs with an artistic touch.


Thank you so much for doing them for us! You’re such an awesome photographer and I will definitely be coming back to you for some more!  They came out amazing! I just looked at them all! They came out so great! Thank you so much again! I can’t wait to get them printed out! 🙂  once again… You’re awesome!!
I was looking for a affordable but great photographer to take our daughter’s one year photos. A friend of my mine recommended Kelly and I messaged her right away. Kelly responded quickly and was sweet but professional. We went to Austin and Kelly was prompt and ready to get down to business. She was able to get so many amazing pictures even though she was working with a squirmy and curious one year old. She knew how to work with a toddler and our daughter loved her! The pictures came out better than I could of asked for and I’m so happy with the whole experience. We will definitely be using Kelly for future photo sessions. Thank you Kelly for the amazing experience! Like I’ve said before, you’re awesome!
Marta Wrobel Craig


Kelly met my family and I at a secluded beach in the South Haven Michigan area this summer and did a photo shoot for us.  She made it so much fun and was able to capture many pictures of us just being us and enjoying our time together as a family.  She took all the dread out of the usual “smile and say cheese” type of family photo shoot.  Thanks Kelly, we love the pics and will cherish them for years to come and we have had so many compliments on them.  You are wonderful and a natural at what you do.
Dr. Kyle McKammey


 Our family had a really enjoyable time during our shoot at Zilker. Despite the crazy hot temps in the middle of July, you made the shoot fun and kept it moving with your great knowledge of the shoot site and your casual and upbeat demeanor. We would definitely recommend you to others wanting to capture individual or family photos in the heart off Austin!

~The Miller Family


Austin Family Photographer Austin Portrait Photographer

 Wow! Thank you so much! I love them all!!! Even though the little one was sweaty and cranky, you captured some amazing pictures!  We’ll most definitely give you a shout again for more after it cools off!! She was great with our son! Toddlers aren’t always excited for pictures, but she easily got him to smile!

Megan, Trey, Cooper


The highlight of our session was her incredible ability to work with the kids. Communication during the whole process was wonderful. The first meet at the location was an absolute pleasure! Her sunshine smile and warm demeanor removed all anxiety of the adventure that awaited us. All in all I couldn’t be happier with the entire event and the knack she has with capturing fabulous candid shots and staged shots was simply heart warming when we got the pictures.  Stay beautiful (inside and out) and never lose that smile! Thank you so much, we still get comments about our pictures!

Michael Currier


She took tons of photos, was sweet, considerate and wonderful to work with before, during and after the wedding, and we had plenty of perfect photos to use in our wedding album. Kelly captured all of the personal memories that we wanted to remember from our wedding. Kelly gave us more time than we expected and we have nothing but good things to say about our experience with her!!
Meredith Edgar

Kelly is an amazing photographer. She is warm and caring, while still maintaining an air of professionalism that is refreshing. She puts her clients at ease in a way that allows the smiles to come naturally and this shows through in her photos. We have recieved many compliments on our photos. Her sessions are not posed cookie-cutter studio shots,
they truly bring out the personality of the individual and the family. We have scheduled several sessions with her, both as a family and as a couple. We will be scheduling our son’s senior portraits with Kelly
as well. I couldn’t imagine ever using another photographer. I would recommend Kelly to anyone.
Kelly is such a great photographer and in such demand, it’s often hard to get a session. I can’t imagine what could be done to improve my experience other than to make more Kellys… and thus it being easier to book a session time with her.
Billie Jo Sage

Kelly was able to work quickly and effectively with a busy, uncooperative 2 year-old who hadn’t had a nap. I was amazed how well she was able to keep up with him and awestruck to see the resulting photos. Beautiful!
Tavanna Porter


It was love at first sight for our three year old son. We’ve never seen him so smitten with anyone before. Kelly was so accommodating and knew how to handle this little guy. Thank you, Kelly, for capturing the most absolutely perfect shots of our family. This was our first time to have our photos taken professionally. I know for certain we’ll be a repeat client. Thank you thank you thank you!
Angie Joyner

Kelly – thanks so much for coming out and dealing with the chaos that is our family. We appreciate your ‘home visit’ – made things considerably easier for us. Your ability to draw our kids in with your silliness and willingness to flex to their style made it a positive experience – and that’s priceless.

Austin Child Portrait Photographer

Kelly is extremely professional and she was such a delight. Our pictures turned out fabulous and I would highly recommend her to anyone! She was able to take fantastic pictures of my 6 month old at the time and her photos are not your usual run of the mill.
-Diana Contreras

Austin Portrait Photographer Kelly Wendt Photography

Aside from being a very talented and professional photographer… Kelly is a lovely person. Truly. Our toddler twins are very shy and particular… and Kelly has been the only photographer able to get our twins to SMILE and be themselves! Kelly just lets moments happen without forcing anything which makes the experience enjoyable and fun. She is calm in her approach yet somehow she manages to get the BEST photographs ever. It’s definitely an innate skill and Kelly is our ‘go to’ photographer.
-The Kelly Family

Austin Portrait Photographer Kelly Wendt

 Kelly was fantastic with my kids, talking with them and engaging them, thus putting them at ease very quickly. Our whole session was very relaxed. Even my husband who doesn’t like getting pictures taken thought it was a very pleasant experience 🙂 The photos turned out wonderful. Thank you doing such a great job, Kelly!
Mandy Oban