Nature’s procrastination


Hi everyone, just wanted to quickly catch up with you and provide everyone a nice image of summertime to savor and linger on the memories of sun kissed cheeks and wet bathing suits.  Fresh cold lemonade served in a cold mason jar.  Ahhhh. I miss my hammock.

Now onto my procrastinations, or should I say nature's procrastination.  I have bought and unpacked my lumber and soil.  I have barely assembled the boxes and given them a spot in the yard for me to ponder on their final destination.  I almost filled  all the boxes and placed a few seeds but now I'm glad a little laziness caught me otherwise my sweet little seeds would have been planted in a frost covered ground this morning.  Luckily the cold front is slowing retreating and in the next week I will have dirt stained fingertips.

Ok my friends it is late and I have spent my Friday night drinking a 6 pack of Miller High Life (not my choice) with my significant other while we completely updated our business's website portfolio. ( You can take a look here. ) Tomorrow is Saturday and joyfully I will be sleeping in, past the buzzing alarms and to do lists.  After I get up and around, have a client meeting at noon, and take Chloe to a friend's I will get around to posting the latest pictures of the baby seedlings and my super rough raised bed boxes.  Until then…

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