Professional Traits Your Austin Wedding Photographer Should Have

Professional Traits Your Austin Wedding Photographer Should Have

As a wonderful art, photography can capture important moments in people’s lives like weddings that they would cherish as long as they live. Weddings are amalgams of emotions, joyful thoughts and happy moments that people getting married are willing to shell out a considerable investment to get the best Austin wedding photographer to preserve these wondrous moments well.

But with the advancements in digital photography and the greater affordability of professional cameras in the market produced an influx of pretenders posing as a professional Austin portrait photographer or wedding photographer or any other specialty photo categories individuals, professionals and companies may need services for.

To help in the selection process, clients should familiarize themselves with the characteristics real professional photographers have and the styles and techniques they employ when shooting wedding photography.

Shoots their Own Photos

Before deciding on selecting any photographer for your wedding, you should make sure that you are talking to one who actually shoots their own photos and are proficient with professional styles and techniques to capture awesome wedding moments. You might find yourself dealing with a person specializing in photography sales then subcontracting the actual photography to freelancers.


The first thing to do is ask for their portfolios which can show shots taken from at least 4 weddings. It is important that you look at all photos instead of just looking at the best shots the photographer would hand out to you. Taking a look at their portfolios will also tell you that the photographer is actually specializing in weddings. She may have a great portfolio to show as an Austin food photographer but nothing great to show for weddings.

A Creature of Her Art Form

A great wedding photographer is a creature of her art form and would like to focus on what she does best – taking photos. She won’t let administrative stuff get in her way but knows the importance of planning and handling these matters before the actual wedding schedule arrives. Doing everything at once can be disastrous and in some cases ending with the photographer missing out on special moments during the wedding event that should have been captured on camera.

For this purpose, good photographers would employ the services of a good assistant to handle all administrative stuff and ensure that everything required by the photographer’s shooting strategy are prepped and ready. A great photographer will not simply wait in the sidelines for memorable moments to present themselves, but should be right at the thick of the action and anticipating where the next shot would be.

Equipment and Settings

Although having good equipment may not be specifically categorized as a professional trait or technique, it is worth mentioning here to give clients an idea of what they should expect a great Austin photographer should have in her arsenal. She may have the best equipment and accessories available but if they are the tools used by an Austin portrait photographer and not specialized tools for weddings, then this might create a big problem for you.

Aside from the main equipment, professional wedding photographers always have backups at the ready. She should have different types of lenses that she can get access to at a moment’s notice particularly when the shot calls for it. In many cases, the photographer should have multiple cameras with different types of lenses prepped and ready to take shots.

Professional wedding photographers would not compromise on the quality of their shots and would have their cameras set at the highest resolution settings possible. These will require a great deal of extra memory for their cameras. She should then be ready with multiple memory cards at her disposal allowing quick changes from one to another while her assistant safely transfers previously shot content to a computer or a hard drive.

A special event as it truly is, weddings should be treated with the highest importance and people should avoid taking risks by making a very careful and methodical process in selecting an Austin photographer to perform the work for them.