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Hello All,

I just wanted to add a little note to let everyone know that I finally have a bit of time to spruce this place up a bit 🙂  What’s the saying…”a cobbler’s son is the last to get shoes” I am so very grateful for the incredibly busy summer I had but I have gotten a little behind on keeping my website in tip top condition.  Over the next day or two (hopefully I will do like normal and work into the wee hours of the night) I will be updating all my portfolio’s with fresh images as well as a fresh new look that will display my images in a more organized way.   This summer I did over 70 photo sessions and I cannot possibly post all of them but I really want to show off some of my favorites.  I have reformatted my blog to allow more than one image for each post and I will try my best to add more verbiage. Please bare with the mess and if you have any questions or would like to see more of my work just check back in a day or so.

Also I hope to have a video up in about 2 weeks that introduces me, my style, and personality.  I’m really excited because this let’s you get a peek into who I am.

I have added a sign up for my email list…Pretty please sign up!  I do NOT spam.  I send out an email once a month to say hello, list my monthly special, and contests I am having. You could win a completely FREE session!  I would like to have a contest each month with free sessions, products, etc.  And finally I LOVE referrals!! It tells me you are so happy with my services that you would shout it out to all your friends and families–tell them to let me know who sent them and after 3 referrals you will receive a mini session FREE!

Luv ya bunches! -Kelly

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