Meet Kelly!

Hi! Hello. Hola. Bonjour!

Austin photographer and the mother of 3 children. I can be found cheering at football games, hiking the greenbelt, lounging at an outdoor event with friends, working out, or at home watching something funny & eating too much popcorn. One of my favorite things to do is go out to a delicious meal, I try to wear my ‘fancy’ shoes but it doesn’t last long 😉

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I have been photographing for over 14 years starting in Michigan and since 2009 in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few tidbits about myself:

  • I love to laugh at myself and will do it as often as possible.
  • I like to paint with acrylics.
  • I like riding my bike and wish I could do it more–it’s just sooo hot in the summer months.
  • I have 3 children who are amazing and growing so fast.
  • I’m a night owl. Don’t be surprised to get an e-mail from me waaaaay past a normal bedtime.
  • I love a cold beer and a big messy burger.
  • I’m a good cook.
  • I cry at every wedding ALWAYS, luckily I can hide behind my camera.
  • I love organization, hate being late, and in a perfect world I would have organization like Martha Stewart.
  • I’m interested in experimenting with artistic concepts and always growing my knowledge.
  • I really, really, really love what I do.
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    Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt

    Some of my favorite things to capture are:

    • People of all ages-because each one is so unique. I have met wonderful people through photography and I hope to meet many more. Kids are so fun when you can get them to open up, go on a photo adventure, and ask them to be your helper.
    • FOOD. I’m a food lover and the art behind presentation is astounding.  Not to mention the colors and textures provide artwork for all your senses. Oh how I love food.
    • Small Weddings  I like the big ones too but there is something about a small gathering of a couples favorite closest people and the magic of sharing their love together. I really get a chance for the charisma and personalities to come out once people get to know me a little and warm up to the camera.
    • Fashion. I’m not the trendiest gal on the block but as a past model I can appreciate all the work that goes into the beauty.
    • Candid or Photojournalistic. this can be people or events but there is something special when you capture a subject in the best gut wrenching laugh, or a very serene moment between two people that expresses love that you have only heard of in fairy tales.
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