My little Avery turns 9 months | Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt

I have been busy this year focusing a lot of energy on family and this little lady. Keeping my photo blog has been a challenge in between sessions, editing, feeding, 2 high schoolers, house stuff, and sleep is somewhere in there….plus coffee. Mmmmmmm coffee. 

It’s all worth it, right moms?  I love watching Avery grow into this magical little person and I can’t believe she is 9 months already! Ugh cheers to all you moms ( & dads too) who juggle many things at once and wouldn’t change it for the world. Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt-_0283 Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt-_0284 Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt-_0293

Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt-_0292Austin Photographer Kelly Wendt-_0291

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