Kelly Wendt A Seasoned Austin Photographer

Kelly Wendt A Seasoned Austin Photographer

Capturing special moments or creating something out of a simple thing or event is possible with Kelly Wendt – one of Austin’s seasoned photographers.

Kelly Wendt, a photographer from Austin, Texas, is an expert when it comes to fashion, product, food, portrait, and wedding photography. Her passion is obvious in the images she takes; no wonder why she’s been recommended by many people in Austin to cover events within and in other cities

Like many other shutterbugs, photography is Kelly’s obsession. It’s a hobby, yet an income generating skill at the same time. Photographs are memories. While people and time evolve to become history, photos serve as reminders of what has been. They take people down the memory lane. Surely, a history cannot be literally repeated, but it can be revisited with great photos that have been captured and printed. Kelly understands the value and significance of good photography; thus her workmanship stands to be the best among many other photographers in Austin, or in Texas in that regard.

Kelly Wendt is a self-taught photographer; however, she is versatile and she’s been in this business for 10 years already. Individuals and companies don’t just hire a photographer. They look for someone who can do photo ops across genres.


Austin Fashion Photographer

Introducing fads is best done by a fine fashion photographer who can take photos for magazines and other print add materials. Fashion photography raise awareness of what’s hot and what’s not. People across continents get ideas about the latest trends and colors through fashion images.

Austin Food Photographer

Food photography is often used for product advertisement. In like fashion photography, it is also a marketing strategy. However, it does not end there. Food photography showcases food in a way that people will crave for it. Food photographers aren’t easy to find because there are only a few of them around Austin.

Austin Portrait Photographer

Taking portraits seems the easiest photography, right? That’s not always true, though. Surely, portrait photographers can easily capture images, but only  a few can Another is the portrait photography. Taking pictures of a certain model showing his face may seem simple but it’s not. One thing to consider is how a photographer can make the model’s face glow. Another is how a photographer can show the facial expression of that model stand out that the audience can appreciate or feel what the model is trying to express.

Austin Wedding Photographer

Weddings are probably the grandest event any woman could have for herself. It happens once in a lifetime for many women. It’s a happy event. Two clans become family, two lives become one; and people rejoice and celebrate this special day with the couple. The Food abounds and beautiful, rich colors grace the church or the wedding reception. Aren’t these deserving of a top-notch wedding photography?

All these types of photographers are rolled into one – Kelly Wendt. Versatility, creativity and experience are essential qualities of an outstanding photographer, something that Kelly possesses. So when it comes to Austin photography, Kelly Wendt is the name to call.