Wedding FAQ’s

To receive my complete pricing and welcome packet, please send me an email and tell me a bit more about your photography needs.  

Wedding collections starting in price from $999. Each package includes all digital files and I provide web optimized files as well for sharing on social media.  Facebook and other social sites compress your images quite a bit and it can destroy the quality and color so I make it easy for you to upload beautiful images of your perfect day.

Providing an exceptional photographic experience is my #1 priority.  I am more than happy to chat through email, on the phone, or Skype to answer any questions you may have before or after our meet & greet.  If you are interested we can schedule a meeting at my downtown office or at a local coffee shop to get to know one another and make sure we are a good fit.

Questions? I have included common questions and answers listed below to help you out.

How would I describe my shooting style?
50% creative, 40% candid portraits, and 10% posed. I’m sure your parents would probably like more traditional posed photographs, just like the photos in their wedding album – and I feel those are very important, too.  We can discuss a photo “checklist” so each of your desired photos is captured. This adds a nice balance to your wedding collection and are always nice to look back on in nostalgia.

Austin Wedding Photographer Kelly Wendt

What advice would I give a bride who is looking for a wedding photographer?
Hire a photographer first, and their work second. Before you resonate with their work, you have to like them as a person and the way they make you feel. If you don’t have rapport with your photographer disaster may happen. Look for versatility in their work, their use of light, composition, and way they can help bring out emotion through an image.

What is ‘wedding photojournalism’? Do I practice it?
100% candid photography where nobody really looks directly at the camera. To practice pure wedding photojournalism puts the photographer at odds with those who do desire more traditional images. To accommodate varying tastes, I mix the photojournalism/candid style, artistic flair, along with the more conventional shots of subjects actually smiling for the camera. A mix makes everyone happy and makes your wedding day unique.

What has helped me in difficult circumstances on a wedding day?
Being a versatile photographer is among the most important components of success of this industry, especially when there is pressure to create something out of nothing with little time and resources…that and having good, comfortable shoes 😉

What’s my favorite part of the wedding day to photograph?

Quiet moments between the bride and groom, mother daughter interaction in the prepping time, smiles of parents, and detail shots.

What kind of weddings do I love to photograph?
It’s always fun to photograph quirky, intimate, and personal weddings that showcase the personalities of the bride AND groom. DIY weddings always let you peer into that zone a bit more.

What are your top tips for brides to help them get great photos on their wedding day?
Be yourself. Don’t forget to eat your cake. Don’t be afraid to delegate! Face the crowd sometime during the ceremony. Know there are some rules that can be broken in wedding tradition, it’s your wedding. Don’t experiment with makeup that day.  Be comfy. And finally plan some alone time to breathe, take it all in, and laugh with the one person you are creating this new life with.

What do I do for fun when I’m not photographing?
I enjoy my two amazing kids, hiking Austin greenbelts, painting, riding my bike, snuggling with my awesome rescue dogs, watching documentaries, laughing with friends, cooking, enjoying a cold beer, and experimenting new things with my camera.

Do I offer albums?
Yes and other merchandise. Albums are an important part of remembering the wedding day that will still be cherished in 50 years. The albums I offer are flush mount (open flat), rigid professional Fuji paper, coated to be stain resistant, and available in leather, hard, or photos covers.

What do I use for inspiration?
Since I primarily shoot on location, the connection I have with clients and that shared experience is the most important for inspiration. There are so many dynamic natural elements like temperature, wind, light, color, vegetation that offer limitless sources of inspiration. Emotion is also something that drives pure inspiration within me and my work.

Do I shoot in color or black & white?
I digitally photograph your wedding in full color. At the computer, the images can be converted to black & white, with an astounding degree of control. I will provide ALL digital negatives in color and black/white.  I personally adore B/W photography and want my clients to see each photo in B/W as well as color to make the decision themselves.  This is your wedding and I give you the choice for each photo I take.

How much input can we have? Can we give a shot list?
At any time during your day, don’t hesitate to ask for specific shots. I work for you, but you are also hiring me to be an artist. In order to creatively document the union of your two families, it helps to have a good idea of what you want. During meetings, email, and phone conversations I’ll ask a lot of questions and take notes and we can develop a shot list together or you can provide one.  Come wedding day, I’ve got a better understanding of your family story and a have a platform on which to begin the day’s photo coverage. Creative photography ideas will present themselves based on the information you give.

Do I place a limit on the number of photos I take?
No. I arrive at your wedding/event with enough memory to capture thousands of images. You can anticipate seeing between 70 and 100 images per coverage hour contracted (for instance, 4 hours coverage equals between 300 and 400 images). But there’s no limit.

Do I allow other cameras at the wedding?
Absolutely, it’s your wedding. I just want ensure guests understand that you have paid me to document the wedding and that it is difficult to do so when guests are up snapping photos with their phone during the ceremony. Photoshop is only so powerful and I cannot just magically make Uncle Bob disappear with his iPad/phone snapping photos in front of my camera.

What digital format do I deliver the images?
I give to you all full-resolution jpeg images, optimal for printing. Images are delivered on quality, customized wooden flash drives for weddings and digital download files for other sessions.  You will also receive an online private gallery where I upload all your images, this is helpful if relatives want their own prints or images of the day.  There are many different options at reasonable prices. You can order from home, any time day or night and have them delivered beautifully packaged to your home or to family.

Why do I recommend getting some prints or an album?
It is still the best way to preserve your memories so you can share them with your children some day. I do offer online printing/ordering services, to make it as simple as possible for you or your family to order prints.  You will not believe how many people, when asked, say they still have not printed anything and their usb is in a drawer somewhere!! Photography is an investment, get those photos professionally printed from your online gallery and hang them up so you can enjoy them every single day.  We can schedule a sit down meeting to go over all the beautiful options and I can help you choose for a wall display, canvas, or other prints.

What kind of cameras do I use?
I love & own professional Nikon DSLR cameras, as well as a handful of quality lenses. Good light and lens quality matter more than just megapixels, but rest assured your images will be at least 16-24 megapixels in size.

Will our final images be watermarked or branded in any way?
No. The only time I add a watermark is on the web optimized photos and the images in my  online portfolio. The full size images you receive are edited with no watermark, however you are not allowed to edit them or use them for commercial purposes and I retain the copyright.

Do I bring back-up equipment?
Absolutely, full back-up gear is a reach away in rare case of equipment failure.

What is needed to reserve your wedding date?
A signed agreement and 50% retainer are needed to reserve the date. Dates are reserved first come, first served basis.

Do I book more than one wedding per day?
That’s a cardinal sin. I never double-book weddings it is a recipe for disaster.

How do you proceed?
Contact me with the date and location of your wedding and we can schedule our meet & greet wedding consultation where I can discuss the ideal coverage to suit your needs.

How far in advance do I book weddings?
Couples book several weeks to a year in advance. Once a signed contract and retainer have been received, the date is yours and I will give you my undivided attention on your wedding day.

Do I travel outside of Austin?
Yes! I love to travel and I love photographing all sorts of people and events. I would be happy to travel to any destination that you wish. My passport is current and ready to go.





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