Happy girl in the dirt


Raised rectangles in my yard.  So…here they are, or should I say there is one of them, along with yours truly as a happy gardener.  In this picture I am incorporating all my organic materials into the bottom of my bed.  This will provide nutrients as they break down and allow me to start with less soil.  As the materials break down and the soil settles, around the time my plants will need a little boost, I will add another layer of soil along with some fresh compost.  I have the compost pile in the back yard and a bin on my counter top that we all contribute to, more so now that we are changing to tons more fruit & veggies for Shiloh's diet; as well as my backside:).  My boxes are basic 2" x 6" x 6' boards built into 6' x 3' boxes.  Matt drilled the pilots and put the screws in (he really wanted to help and I just could not give away the dirty part)

Dirt, dirt, and more dirt.  I actually need to go get more dirt. I did the calculations and well my math was never that great, not to mention I put all the weight I could into my truck to safely get home without putting a strain on my back shocks (shhh don't tell my dad).  I bought the 20 bags of dirt and all the wood at the same time and YES I did fit that all into my Mazda 626. I do love the home improvement store like a big ole construction nerd.  I could wander through those isles daydreaming projects left and right.  If only I had all the free time in the world and a huge shopping spree.

This was my Friday afternoon after working on websites, picking up the kids, gardening, and then working a bit more.  After I was all cleaned up and perty Matt got dressed all snazzy as well and we went to Congress street for a beautiful weather stroll and a celebratory toast/snack.  Only to stop and pick up a bottle of bubbly, which we enjoyed together in a late night porch session. It was an amazing Friday.

Next post I will upload my little sketch of the garden and what is planted where.  I will also be taking a photo each day after things begin to stretch up through the earth and I hope to make a stop motion short movie at the end of the season. I am very excited about this but I am also impatient.  A lesson I plan on my garden to teach me.

PS- Ahhh. I almost forgot after the most beautiful January weather, it is supposed to instantly change to about 17 degrees or lower for a few nights. Oh my poor little seeds!! I will be covering the beds in plastic and a blanket or two with rocks and cross my fingers.

See you soon mis amigos.

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