Day 5 Honduras 7/19/2010

7/19/2010 Woke up early and got Matt up and going.  Funny at home he has to coax me out of bed but I am up and at ’em bright & early here. We grabbed a cafe con leche next door and were surprised that the ‘leche’ was non dairy american creamer…welcome to tourist spots.  It didn’t bother us long before you knew it we were upstairs grabbing our gear for an adventure 🙂  We were told the best beaches were on the West Bay about a 45 min walk down the waters edge.  We grabbed water and started our journey down the beach, along the way a horse galloped by and we had to walk along a boardwalk that wrapped around the face of the bluff. I wanted to bring my camera but we saved this trip for ourselves (camera came along the 2nd time) There were red flowers on a vine that wrapped the bluff in butterflies.  We walked further along with bluffs to our left and ocean to our right and at our feet. About 1.5 miles into the walk we had to cross a boardwalk/bridge that went over a channel. I am not a fan of heights but the view was nice as I gripped the railing. We got a video and at the end of the pier we got our first glimpses of ocean fish, so many brightly colored swimmers hiding in the shade of the pier. I was in awe and felt like a child. We walked along around the point and the water!! wow turquoise blue. We had ventured into rich white people zone, beyond the money the waters were spotted with dark blue and aqua.  We had found our spot at the end of the beach next to a tall coral wall with iguanas climbing.

In the water we were instantly surrounded by small yellow and black stripe fish.  Swimming further out among the coral was surreal, as soon as my head disappeared among the small waves I was in a dream floating with fish and coral.  Some of the coral looked like large old brains, so intricate I could have never imagined the beauty I would find beneath the surface.

We swam and took videos with our underwater camera, we relaxed on the shore with iguanas, and little ninos laughing and splashing in the water. I cannot contain the beauty in words but it was like paradise for me. We played for a while so taken back that we didn’t notice the length we had been in the sun.  We decided to head back but not before having a few beers at a place that a water taxi operator suggested. We stopped and had 2 each as we swung on hammocks in the shade under the owners house.  I have found myself being consumed by my surroundings including the language, even having Spanish dreams where I am learning.  After relaxing a bit in the hammocks we headed back to the waters edge and took a water taxi with Captain Bill back to the West End, the ride for $4 was well worth the cool 10 min boat ride rather than the 40 min walk in the hot sun when we were already feeling a  bit pink.  The ride was very relaxing with the cool wind in my hair and against the pink touch of  the sun on my shoulders. The salt water is lovely but I do not like the feeling of it drying on my skin.  I want to smear my whole body with oil or shea butter especially my feet and hands.  Two fingers are showing the effects of the coral.  At one point in a tight spot a wave caught me and I caught myself with my hand against the very sharp coral.  It feels similar to salt water in a wound or a burn from a hot pan.  I tried my hardest not to touch it in anyway but I ended up stopping with 2 fingers. Feeling this reminded me of a friend that was swept into the ocean in Brazil with many scrapes…ouch.   (she’s fine)

When we got back we showered and took a nap which I woke from feeling queasy and with a bit of hallucinating due to the amount of salt water and sun I consumed.  It took me a minute to get regular. We ate an early dinner at Georphi’s.  I was craving American so I had spaghetti and french fries and Matt had a whole snapper. We met the owners son, he was born in Massachusetts and spoke English.  After dinner we walked and slept like babies, I think I was out at 9pm and actually slept in to 9am (first of the vacation). Yay!

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