Day 4 Honduras 7/18/2010

7-18-2010 We packed all our things last night to save time today when we head out to La Ceiba, we have to take a taxi to the direct bus (it will cut an hour from the ordinary bus).  Probably check emails before we go while we can.  At La Ceiba we will take a ferry to Roatan, clear blue waters & white sand.  Matt is so excited for this and I am too but everything I have and have not seen up to this point is ever so humbling, no McDonald’s no Walmart’s.  Hard working people enjoying a simpler life.  Right now I can hear Sunday mass singing among the bustle of the main street, better get Matt up and move forward.  We headed out for baleadas as breakfast (yes we eat them a lot-cheap & good) and planned our day from there.  We got all of our things, said a quick good bye, and caught a taxi to the gas station just out of town on the main road and just wait until the bus to La Ceiba was passing.  This was the nicest bus we had been on yet with reclining comfortable seats. The ride was amazing, outside of my window we were slowly surrounded by peaks and valleys of mountainous ridges, even a Dole pineapple farm. Clouds covering the tops and small cotton candy puffs simply laying on the tops.  I snapped pictures while enjoying my bag of purified water I bought from a little girl at the bus stop for about $.10.  When we arrived at La Ceiba we haggled for a cab for 80 Lemps ($4) to take us to the port/ferry.  We had decided on the bus ride we would just continue on to Roatan today without stopping in La Ceiba.  We really didn’t enjoy the big city San Pedro and La Ceiba is the 3rd largest.  Driving through Quizono’s, Pizza Hut, Burger Kings all made me realize I didn’t want to be around that let alone return to the US and all the things that shoved at you in all directions every 5 mins.  We arrived at the ferry about 3 hours early some French/Australians? did as well but they decided to run to the supermarket for some wine during the wait. We decided to stay seeing how we had just paid for a cab ride here, so we relaxed and watched Superbad on Matt’s iphone (yes technology but I could not sleep in there) Around 4:30 the ferry finally showed up (they are not the most punctual country) even after we loaded we waited a good 30 mins.  I had my impatient moment and it passed as we started our journey to the island of Roatan.  The ferry was about $28 each-each way but it is worth it. The passengers of the ferry were a mix of locales, Dutch, British, US, French, and a good number of Garifunas (which I cannot understand a word of what they are saying).  After a bit I forced myself asleep as I was feeling a bit woozy and I wasn’t missing anything but water.  When I woke I saw the hills of the island and excitement raced through me. So much so I made myself quite sick feeling.  When we got off in a very unorganized manner we had to claim our bags, everyone was at a half circle counter with men and the pile of bags in the center-chaos.  We survived with our bags, 3/4 bottle of rum, and off we went to catch a taxi.  $20!! to the West End…but it was after 6pm when the buses stop and all the taxi’s knew it. Our driver knew English fairly well and helped us decide on a place to stay, Hotel Dolphin.  Perfect. We are in the front room with a large private front balcony over looking the main drag and the Half Moon Bay, just a small dirt road between us and the salt water, light sand, and sound of small crashing waves.  We splurged $30/night for this one but in America or further down the coat we would pay triple or more. The room is a bright blue! walls, a small fridge, TV, bathroom and 2 full beds…and the private balcony 🙂 We settled in and went on a mission for food, beer and sightseeing but it was dark by now. We had a $2.20 dinner of baleadas, bought a 6 pack of Imperial, and walked for a bit in the dark watching crabs scurring through the streets like squirrels here.  We walked to large hut with live music and soaked it in for a few momnets until we decided to call it a night. Here I am this morning on our balcony looking surf, listening to several different birds, maybe a monkey (I keep wishing) Now to wake up Matt and go on an adventure…underwater with our goggles.
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