Day 2 Honduras 7/16/2010

7-16-2011 (writing this on the bus ride from San Pedro Sula to Tela) Woke up this morning to ants ALL over the floor on one side of the bed. Matt had peanuts in his pocket of his shorts on the floor and the ants seemed to be having a love affair with them.  Took a cold shower (most showers are cold here) and packed up, still not believing our first night and how amazing it was.  Grabbed our things and headed downstairs to settle up and call a taxi to Puerto Cortes.  Matt enjoyed the best cafe con leche I think of his life and I chugged a few bottles of water.  (thanks to traveling and the Garifuna rum last night).  Loaded into our taxi and off we went. Our taxi driver was awesome, spoke slowly as joking, and telling us about his wife and how Hondurans NEVER live together unless they are married.  He dropped us at the small bus terminal in Puerto Cortes and we boarded another bus back to San Pedro Sula (where we flew in and my least favorite city here) Matt rested/slept during the ride but my eyes were focused and busy on the scenes outside my window. In San Pedro we were dropped off at another terminal and boarded a different bus, The Tela Express and made our way to where I am right now. As I write this I am surrounded by people, bags, and boxes.  Matt is sleeping leaning forward on his arms resting on his backpack which is on his lap. Outside I gaze at mountains with cloud toppers….until next time.
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