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Which of these technologies will your children be
able to easily access in 10-20 years?

The power of print is amazing.  Do you remember going through photo albums for hours when you were younger?  I loved and still love photo albums.  I love looking at photos hanging on the walls when I visit family, friends, or businesses.

Now think back to your last photos you had taken or took yourself on your phone or digital camera….do you have them printed or just digital?  Do you have disks or usb’s in your desk drawer?  Did you spend money on those beautiful images?  Get them out there and show them off!  
I know many, many inquiries photographers get are how much and do I get the digitals?
I know digitals can be important but if they are printed at Walmart, Costco, or Walgreens you will not get true to color for your prints like you would when purchasing from your photographer through a professional print lab.  They have million dollar printers, the best photo archival paper and inks so your images look vibrant and last for years.  And your photographer sizes and preps your photographs specifically for the size and type of products you want printed so that the image is as crisp and color correct as it can be.

I offer a range of professional products and prints at some of the most reasonable prices in Austin, Texas.  For example I offer 11 x 14 standout prints on archival paper mounted to 3/16 inch black core for only $65! This is SO affordable because I want my clients to have beautiful print products on their walls and displayed everywhere in their home or in grandparents homes. All my prints (except my wallets) are mounted on thin foam core that fits into normal frame to ensure lasting memories & sturdy prints.

If you would like more information please contact me through email or we can do a quick phone call. kelly@kellywendt or 512-965-7739

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