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Almost every summer we travel up north to Michigan to visit family, my husband and I grew up on the shore of Lake Michigan in a beautiful harbor town of South Haven.  I urge you to visit if you are ever in Michigan. It is in the SW corner filled with quaint little shops, gorgeous soft sand beaches, amazing Sherman’s ice cream, and blueberries (the blueberry capital of the world!) Try Adkin Blue Ribbon blueberries- they are my favorite.

Sooooo all this rambling about my hometown does have a point.  When we visit I throw out an announcement that I would love to do photos for anyone while I am in town and this year was such a wonderful turn out.  I got to see friends I haven’t seen for years and photograph their beautiful families & children.  Ashley & Joe were one of my sessions.  

I went to school with Ashley, let me tell you, this lady is a hoot! Add an equally entertaining man, who also has a smile that would make the Scrooge smile, and you have a very special session.  It was a lovely, vintage style barn engagement party that her mother put together on her family farm that has been past down. It was beautiful! Mona if you are reading this, I would love for you to decorate my house!
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