A little about me.

Hi, my name is: Kelly Never in my life have I been: to Europe The one person who can drive me nuts is: people who do not use their turn signals High school: made me realize how unimportant someone else’s opinion is. When I’m nervous: smile, make ackward jokes, and say awesome too much. The last song I listened to was: some song by The Kooks When I was 5: I was spunky Last Christmas: I spent with family in the cold of Michigan. I should be: a billionaire traveling the world. When I look down I see: 10 windows open on my computer The happiest recent event was: getting my photography studio equipment By this time next year: I want to have my photographs in a few magazines My current gripe is: my son Shiloh not feeling well. I have a hard time understanding: accounting and why people cannot detach their phones from their ear. I like: delicous food, dark beer, laughing, looking through a lens, hiking. Take my advice: if you want it. The thing I want to buy: a year long trip around the world, a handful of cameras, a home in Honduras, and rental property. If you visited the place I was born: you would be bored or drunk but probably both. I plan to visit: the world…every continent. If you spent the night at my house: you would probably have to share the pull out with the cutest dog ever.  . The world could do without: the federal reserve, flouride in our water, Monsanto, and the endless crap in our food. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: nothing cockroaches are gross. Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: my photography studio equipment and a 4 bike car hitch 🙂 Most recent thing someone else bought me: a taco at lunch. The Crossroads at Torchy’s–messy but sooo damn good. My favorite blonde is: my son My favorite brunette is: my daughter & Matt In the morning I: try my hardest to only hit snooze 4 or less times. merrrr to mornings The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: horses….we could ride those. Last night I was: editing photos, drinking an Abita Bock, and watching a documentary of my favorite photographer with my kiddos There’s this guy I know who: means the world to me. If I was an animal I’d be: one of those flying horses or my dog…she’s spoiled. My birthday is: a celebration on July 24th
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