1 week 2 weeks, red week blue week

This week has been an interesting one.  Last Saturday I started on my very first film shoot.  I follow them all around very quietly and snap pictures ofeveryone and everything. It is a huge learning experience for me, not to mention exciting. On Tuesday I started on my second film.  A huge thanks goes out to my friend, Jason Beavers, who introduced me to this wonderful adventure.  I have a few shoots other than the film stuff this week and next week as well.  I'm keeping busy and my carpal tunnel is reminding me of that.  Ughhhh…getting old, well at least some parts of me but my soul feels younger than ever.

As far as the garden goes, I will be taking photos tomorrow of my adorable little sprouts of life and nourishment. This past Monday was my only day 'off' this week and if you know me well enough it is that on most of my days off I am doing something.  I spent it by washing my car, spending a few hours in the dirt of my garden, and then cleaned the house and went through my closet for a future trip to Buffalo Exchange. By the time I crawled into bed I was ready for a good night of sleep before shooting in the morning. And here you find me trying to relax and catch up with my little tidbits of outlets as I'm editing photos and watching a documentary.  For now I am signing out and will be in touch, I hope you are enjoying the Photos of the Day posts.


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